"You always wonder what it would be like to be the only one existing in the world, and I only regret even considering it."

Celeste has woken by an unfamiliar android, twenty years after her society has fallen.  Together, they navigate through the remains of EDEN7 as they discover what happened to her former home and search for her Father. 

Warnings: Depictions of murder, descriptions of gore, mental health, explicit language.


  • An interactive science fiction adventure with a horror element that tells a story of a long-lost society. 
  • Escape room gameplay where you solve puzzles and continue through the ship by collecting keys and passwords. 
  • Timed responses for the player to respond in particular situations.
  • Contains 13.8k words (equivalent to a short story).

This game has the first two chapters (more chapters are in development). If you find any bugs or problems encountered during the game, I would really appreciate if you note anything in the comments. :)

Please allow time for images and music to load. 

Made for 'I can't write, but want to tell a story' Game Jam 2020.


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will you ever acully finish this

I should have some spare time in the coming months to work on the game. I definitely want to finish it! 

thats great

the colors puzzle for open B2 stairwell is too much hard or have a problem or i'm missing a information, i try counting each point of colors put them in order 5245... i counting by line how many time Red 321 Orange 011 Yellow 022 Green 212 (321011022212) i search pattern on the colors nothing work... i want to know what happen on this ship! please help me

Sorry to hear you're having difficulties! You have the last three numbers correct, just need to change the first one. 😉 I might revisit that puzzle for further changes. 

Good game!!

Thanks for playing!


Nice game! I got stuck on the puzzle with the colours, but so far the game looks good :)


Thanks for playing!